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About Keith

I’m Keith Ewing and I’m a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Dunblane, Central Scotland. I help everyday busy people, youths, seniors and sports specific athletes. Whether your goal is to get fitter, increase muscle strength/size and power, sports performance or overall health and wellbeing, you are in the best possible hands to ensure you achieve your goals. People hire me as their coach as they want serious results. I live and breathe fitness and have done for the past 35 years. My knowledge of all types of training and understanding of the body makes me stand out from the crowd.


With a background in sport, I moved into the world of functional fitness. Using a combination of elements applied by Olympic Lifters, Cross fitters, Sports Players, Athletes and Calisthenics, my aim is to improve performance across the whole body for every day life or within the your desired sport.

Training with me is a genuine partnership. You will be involved in every step of the process beginning with a movement and Injury analysis, strength testing, goal setting, programme design and reviewing.


  • Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Youth Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Olympic Lifting for Athletes Coach
  • Olympic Lifting Level 1 Coach
  • Performance Movement Coach
  • Functional Assessments Specialist
  • Programming Specialist
  • TRX Suspension Training Instructor
  • Kettle Bell Instructor
  • Kettlercise Training Instructor
  • Hatton Boxing Fitness Instructor
  • Diploma in Physical and Outdoor Education
  • BASI Ski Instructor
  • Level 2 Mountain Bike Guide

One to One Training

bespoke programme

After a full movement analysis I will design a bespoke programme to suit your specific goals, training experience and lifestyle. This will change every six weeks for maximum adaptation.


I will guide you during your journey, to ensure you build positive, sustainable habits outwith sessions.

individually tailored

Every client differs in their training needs, thus, training is individually tailored to provide optimum results.

unique fitness facility

I have lived and breathed fitness for the past 35 years and I’m now at the very forefront of this ever-evolving industry and in doing so, developed a unique fitness facility where you come first.

no distractions

Unlike most gyms, when you train at my facility there are absolutely no distractions and no other people getting in the way. We can therefore make use of multiple pieces of equipment at any one time which makes for a fantastic training experience along with great results.

maximum results

It’s not how many times you train. It’s how you train.  The way I train people is very different to most trainers and if we work together in partnership, I can ensure you see maximum results in less time.

Sports Specific and Event Training

Most athletes seek Sports Specific Training to meet their Sports Specific Goals.  You want results in your sport and you don’t want to waste time and effort on training that doesn’t contribute to those results. I always start with a full Sports Analysis, Movement Analysis as well as Strength and Power testing that is relevant to your sport or event. This has to be done so that I have a full understanding of your current training status and what kind of training plan I have to put in place.

  • I can Improve an athlete’s strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, mobility, stability and in turn improve your performance and unlock your full athletic potential.
  • I can also improve your movement quality to enhance performance in any sport.
  • Prevent sports injuries by strengthening soft tissues and improve proprioception which has been found to reduce chances of certain injuries, eg plyometric training can reduce the chances of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries occurring in sports that involve quick movements.
  • I can plan a fully periodised program around your sporting calendar or leading up to your event/competition.

  • Introducing fitness at a younger age can motivate and inspire children to get active, be more confident, fitter and build positive exercise habits that last a lifetime.
  • I work with youths looking to improve the physical qualities required to excel in sport including speed and agility, core strength, fitness, strength and power, aerobic, anaerobic and endurance conditioning.

Youth Strength and Conditioning Training

As a Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach I know that training  young people compared to adults requires different approaches both physically and psychologically.  Adopting a fun approach is key to engaging a younger age group.  Weighted active and resistance training is adapted to ensure exercises are done correctly, safely and always under supervision.

Seniors Strength and Conditioning 65 plus

This has got to be one of my favourite age groups and some of my best coaching times have been working with seniors. Staying active throughout our senior years not only delays the ageing process but also:

Significiantly improves our well-being and quality of life.

Increases Bone Matrix Density making us less susceptible to injury and can also offset Osteoarthritis which in turn improves quality of life.

You will also get an increase in tendon and ligament strength making you more stable on your feet and less prone to injury.

Regular exercise for seniors reduces the risk of chronic disease and lowers the chance of injury and can even improve one’s mood.

Exercise improves immune and digestive functioning and better blood pressure.

Through a combination of specially tailored aerobic, strength training and stretching exercise’s, I can help you to dramatically improve your strength, wellbeing and fitness.

Boxing Fitness Training

Of all the sports, boxing is becoming increasingly popular with all ages and is one of my all time favourite ways to train.  As a Hatton Qualified Boxing for Fitness Instructor, I will use his training methods as well as my own that I’ve developed over the years.

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  • Boxing is first and foremost an intense cardiovascular workout, with the potential to get your heart rate up but also strengthen your heart and control blood pressure.
  • It’s a great for burning fat and losing weight.
  • Boxing uses a variety of muscles at the one time while requiring rapid movement, so it’s an excellent sport for increasing your aerobic capacity and endurance.
  • Great for hand to eye coordination.
  • Strengthens upper body and core and helps posture.
  • Great for balance.
  • Increases your reaction time.

  • If you’re going away on holiday or even the season, I can prepare and condition your fitness so that you can ski longer, harder and safer.
  • With the right training programme I can make your turns and carving more powerful, accurate and even more controlled.
  • We will work on a blend of strength, power, endurance, aerobic capacity, balance and flexibility.
  • You really want to be going away with a good base level of fitness. I would therefore recommend working on a ski specific programme for at least 6-8 weeks prior to your trip.
  • If you want to enjoy your trip to the max and ski all day, every day then this is the programme for you.

Ski Holiday Fitness

I’ve been skiing now since I was 7 years old and have skied all over the world with a background in Instructing and Coaching. If you’re heading off to the slopes this winter you’ll definitely want to make the most of every day and enjoy your holiday to the full. There’s nothing worse than having to go back to your apartment halfway through the first day because your legs couldn’t last the pace or you injure yourself through a lack of ski fitness. Preparing your body for winter is key.

Ski Racer Specific Training

Specific ski strength and fitness programmes are imperative for success when competing, I can help you to:

  • Deliver more power going into the turn.
  • Control the power and acceleration better coming out of a turn at high speed.
  • Ski harder, faster, longer whilst in control.
  • Get out the Start gate quicker.
  • Improve strength and power so that you can stay on your technique from the start of a race to the finish.
  • Improve balance.
  • Improve endurance
  • Improve speed and agility.
  • Have a massive advantage on your competitors.

Key benefits as follows:

  • Transform your physique.
  • Boost work capacity.
  • Get stronger and more powerful.
  • Protect yourself against injury.
  • Improve bone matrix density.
  • Increase tendon and ligament strength.
  • Improve sports performance.
  • Enhance coordination.
  • Improve overall mobility and stability.

Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting can completely change one’s strength and fitness.  No matter what your size, with dedication and discipline, you can experience all the amazing health benefits Olympic Weightlifting has to offer. After you have mastered the basic movement  patterns you will be taught how to execute lifts such as the “Snatch” and “Clean and Jerk”. Olympic Lifting has no equal for developing speed, flexibility and co-ordinated total body strength and power.

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are a fun way to train and can be used for strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance training. Kettlebells have many advantages in that they are versatile and they simplify things as you only have one piece of equipment. They also have the ability to condition the whole body with the following benefits:

  • Improves core strength, balance and stability.
  • Great for body awareness and coordination.
  • Builds lean muscle.
  • Great for developing explosive hip power and speed.
  • Develops a stronger posterior chain and improves your posture.
  • Develops grip strength.
  • Improves Joint health.
  • Serious fat burning benefits.
  • Versatile and Fun workouts
  • Combines strength training with a high intensity cardio workout
  • Can give an overall full body workout in only 20-30 minutes if executed correctly.

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